A reflection on our mission to help protect the envionment.

At Exale we have always wanted to make sure we’re making a positive impact on our environment and it’s been part of our plan from the very beginning. We have just celebrated our first birthday and thought this would be a good milestone to assess what we’ve done so far and look ahead to see what we can do next year to improve our impact on the world around us.

We assessed every part of our process and looked at reducing waste and harmful by-products in every aspect of our production. Even in the building process for our bar and…

At Exale we love to brew with the seasons, the blooming of Fig trees, the first buds of pineapple weed, and cherry blossom are all starter pistols for us to be inspired to new seasonal brews. Amongst the seasonal delights there is one event we look forward to more than any other. The grape harvest.

This year we’ve been making plans to ensure we make the most of this years harvest with lining up two collaborations with two very different but equally innovative wine producers, Tillingham Wine and Renegade urban winery.

Our First Collab was set up with a trip…

Our new august release comes in the shape of a grisette, but what exactly is a Grisette?

Well, a Grisette is a style of beer originating from regions along the border of France and Belgium. It’s a relative of other farmhouse beers of the region including saisons. Originating from the the 1700’s or early 1800’s from the mining regions along the border of France and Belgium. The word “grisette” means “little grey one” May come from the name of the local grey-colored stone or from the grey dresses worn by the women who served the beer in local bars. …

Every brewery tweaks a recipe now and again, a change to the hop profile perhaps, or maybe even the yeast and that’s why I thought I’d write this piece to tell you about the changes we have made to our house pale.

During the lock down Mark & I (Dan) decided to look at various areas of the brewing process and how we could improve across the board, we thought we’d start with Exale Pale.

The latest batch of pale has had a revamp. We’re now using a wet fresh yeast from WHC in Ireland, they tailor make yeast to…

Our new summer special beer has arrived!

A beer made with a lot of thought and skill but made fun by creating the MALI-BOMB..!

A 3.2% tropical sour made with Azacca and Sorachi ace hops and fresh pineapple, it has notes of passionfruit, coconut & mango with a refreshingly tart finish ideal for summer sessions in the sun!

A sun drenched holiday in beer form that can be cranked up a notch by lobbing in a shot of your favourite coconut liqueur…First created in our shipping container in Tottenham we have brought it back, bigger and better, our idea is…

Ries and shine is our first Beer Wine hybrid in collaboration with Noita winery- Finlands first urban winery! Bringing together a soft bohemian pilsner and the flavours of the complex riesling grape it created a perfect balance between crisp, clean and classic and with the fruity depth from the grape!

Our house Pale, here we chat about our classic, unmistakable pale, a beer that is all about balance, and explain what exactly a hop rocket is!

You can grab your pale here https://www.exalebrewing.com/shop/

Here Dan & Mark chat about our much reveared Iron brew sour — An exercise in sensory trickery and nostalgia with an unmistakable flavour of the Scottish classic. Originally Made by head brewer Dan as a birthday present for Mark who is from the home of Irn Bru, it quickly became one of our best selling beers gaining a cult following for its originality and uncanniness of the Scottish classic.

You can buy Krankie here https://www.exalebrewing.com/shop/


Forging balanced, unique & complex beers inspired by our every day surroundings.

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