Every brewery tweaks a recipe now and again, a change to the hop profile perhaps, or maybe even the yeast and that’s why I thought I’d write this piece to tell you about the changes we have made to our house pale.

During the lock down Mark & I (Dan) decided to look at various areas of the brewing process and how we could improve across the board, we thought we’d start with Exale Pale.

The latest batch of pale has had a revamp. We’re now using a wet fresh yeast from WHC in Ireland, they tailor make yeast to give background & structure be it mouth feel or fruity esters, or both.

They really are “yeast geeks”, chatting to them about what a new yeast can do has been an exciting learning curve for us, and they’ve helped us with every step.

We chose a yeast that can boost our tropical aroma & flavour, & also leave a level of haze that increases body.

We have also altered the water profile of the Pale and signed a new hop contract which allows us to get fresher and better quality hops.

The result is a slightly hazier Exale Pale with a better mouth feel and a punchier hop aroma and flavour, we’re really happy with the results and we hope you are too!

Try our Pale on tap at selected bars across the UK, at the taproom and online via our webstore.

Forging balanced, unique & complex beers inspired by our every day surroundings.

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